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The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: This week it might help to move a little slowly, to test the ground you walk on, to choose your words with gentleness and with care. This week it might feel like you don’t know what to do or where to go or how to move, but you can practice, you can try hard, you can learn how to live the way you want. Wear the clothes or eat the food or listen to the songs that make you feel safe enough to be generous, strong enough to be kind.

Taurus: This week, the fog will lift, the clouds will part, everything untrue will fall away. Your vision will be clear and your dreams will shine and the truths you need will be revealed to you. The precious hidden parts of yourself will start to glow so bright that they can light your way forward. This week will show you the things you need most, and it will show you some things you’ve been hiding from, and it will show you some things more magical than you can even believe.

Gemini: This week you’re going to feel a little vulnerable, maybe; you’re going to feel a little soft, like your heart is so tender, like it’s exposed to the whole world. Do what you can, to spend your time in spaces where this is okay, in places where you’ll be cared for and places where you’ll be defended. Try to spend your days in places where you can wear your feelings written all over your face, where you can move through the world with an open heart, where you can speak your truths.

Cancer: This week, your days might feel too short, your shoes might feel too tight, your house might feel too small. Everything’s going to be okay, but things might feel weird. Everything’s going to be okay, so focus on the moments of small sweetness, each kind word, each sunrise, each song, each meal. Focus on living in small good ways. This week might not be fire and magic, but it can be good; it can keep you warm. Stay up late and think about flowers that bloom at night, all bright and brave.

Leo: This week might be so dreamy; this week might be so strange. You can let yourself get carried away by emotions you can’t name, by desires you can’t see, by memories as wispy as ghosts. Let these things move you. Let these weird rhythms move your whole body, let them guide you, let them live in your bones. Follow paths that you can’t quite see. Climb the tallest hill you can find and watch the world below you. Climb the tallest tree you can find and watch the stars above.

Virgo: You’re going to feel so full of fire this week, so full of strange bendy energy, so full of emotion that’s very familiar and very new and heavy in your blood. Try not to let this energy stay all cramped and dark inside you. Don’t let it poison your days. Don’t let it make you afraid. Drive through your city or drive through the woods and feel yourself in motion; feel the world move around you. Let this wild fire flow out of you, let it flow through you, let it make you unstoppable.

Libra: This week can be so simple, if you let it be. This week can be so sweet, if you spend your days breathing in and out, if you spend your days dreaming, if you give your body what it needs, if you let your mind travel and wander and whirl. Try not to worry about anything but being alive this week, in your own strange body, in your own strange life. Feel the sun all warm and sweet on your face. Listen to music that makes your heart full.

Scorpio: This is going to be a week of movement and changes, a week of shifting light and unsteady ground, a week of forking paths and strange bright visions. You’ll have to feel your way through unknown territory, through new cities, through the dark. This week, even if you can’t trust the things you can see, try to trust your body; try to trust your feet to carry you home again. Believe that your dreams hold truths that you can’t see during the day. Believe in the people who love you.

Sagittarius: Colors will feel so bright around you, this week, and sounds will feel so rich, and your world will be so bright, and your heart will be so full. This week can be about intensity, it can be about brilliance, it can be about love, all soft and fierce and strange. If you want, this week, chase this love all the way to the ends of the earth, follow it to the weirdest corners of your heart, but don’t let it consume you. Let it make you generous. Let it make you brave.

Capricorn: This week, the world might give you puzzles that are not easy to solve, and it might ask you questions with strange tangled answers. And it might get lonely, trying to figure it all out, trying to live well, trying to be kind and solid and true in this messy world. Think about the trees on your block; think about how much life there is on this earth, think about all the salt and the life in the oceans. Think about someone who you love the most, and don’t stop trying to live bravely.

Aquarius: This week, your world might feel like it doesn’t make sense; your world might feel like a maze, like a puzzle, like a wild mess. It’s okay, it’s less tangled than it feels. You can put everything in order this week, you can organize your house, you can tell stories with beginnings and ends, you can map your whole life with stories. Keep your eyes open, this week. Look at your own face in the mirror and wear the colors that make you feel most like yourself.

Pisces: This week is going to be about other people. This week, you are going to need to look to other people for your best moments of joy, for your brightest surprises, for the magic you most need. This week is for leaning on your friends when you have to, and it’s for letting them lean on you, for letting relationships with other people sustain you and keep you safe and alive. Talk to your parents on the phone, or talk to your neighbors, or write quiet poems for faraway strangers.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.


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